Download This Fan-Made Fire Emblem Board Game for Free

Can’t get enough of Fire Emblem? Well, neither can the individual behind this incredible Fire Emblem board game, Brother Ming Games. Ming, known as Brother Ming, has been making video and board games as a hobby for almost a decade now, yet now he has decided to ramp up the pressure and share his creations to the world.

Boards games have been becoming more and more popular lately, and you’re not usually considered a big hit unless you have some board game or other based on your game. So I’m sure Fire Emblem fans are feeling pretty chuffed right about now. The franchise has proven a great hit on mobile, and Fire Emblem Heroes has got a loyal following already, so it makes sense that Brother Ming has decided to fill in that gaping Fire Emblem board game hole.

The game itself, as described by Nintendo Life, is designed to be as fast and deep as the game that inspired it, the new game – designed by Brother Ming – starts with ten cards dealt to each player. Each player then plays their chosen heroes at the same time, moving around the board until you defeat another hero and score 20 points. Most of these games are meant to last around 15 minutes, making each session brief enough for you to keep it fresh and exciting for all players involved.

What’s more is that Brother Ming has even allowed fans out there to download the Fire Emblem board game for free on Dropbox. Sure it isn’t officially endorsed by Nintendo, but I don’t know about you guys, if that isn’t fan solidarity then I don’t know what is! Though if you do really want to support Brother Ming then there is the possibility of buying a physical edition too via Ming’s website.

Image Credit: Brother Ming / Brother Ming Games