Fortnite Update 1.47: Read the Patch Notes for the Fortnite Update Today

Fortnite’s only recently had an update just last week, but that won’t stop Epic Games from giving us another one with the Fortnite update 1.47. Granted this update for the free-to-play shooter is a very, very small one, but also an important one! With this update, Fortnite has added in a new language to the Battle Royale mode. Yay!

Check out the (very short) Fortnite update 1.47 Patch notes below and see what you think:

“PS4 players in NA will now need to download an update on March 7 at 6AM ET (11:00 GMT) to add an additional language to their client, there will be no downtime. This new language will only be available in Battle Royale.”

Fortnite continues to be a roaring success throughout the globe, despite coming under scrutiny from mainstream media, so I’m sure its fans out there will be overjoyed and grateful to have another language that they can play with. And, while it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s easy to speculate that other languages will be coming to the free-to-play game soon as Epic Games seems to have fans best interests at heart.

While this update seems small, a previous update from patch 1.45 seemed anything but. Changes to that patch went from as little as a change of inconsistency rates of weapon drops to as huge as fixing discrepancies between crosshair location and muzzle firing location when shooting at close range targets.

With this in mind, we’re only left to wonder what else Epic Games has in store for Fortnite. Are there any other problems you’ve noticed that you feel should be fixed as soon as humanly possible, or do you simply have a suggestion that you think would make Fortnite that much better to play? Either way, drop us a comment here on Game Revolution – because we care about what you think.