Report: Fortnite MOAB, Air-Strike Laser and More Items Discovered

More datamining of the 3.1.0 update has revealed a Fortnite MOAB, Air-Strike Laser, and more crazy items and consumables. Previously, we reported on the new Fortnite weapons found in datamined files, as well as details on the upcoming jetpack. Now we’ve got info on some bonkers-sounding items!

Fortnite MOAB, Air-Strike Laser and More

Trusted dataminer Storm Shield One is the person to thank for all of this new information. The latest findings include: a Fortnite MOAB, Air-Strike Laser, Bottle Rocket, Concussion Mine, Energy Crystals, Durr Burger Helmet, Backpack, Beehive Grenade, and Big Poppy.

By name alone, it’s difficult to know what exactly these items will do in-game. Happily, the descriptions for all items have also been datamined.

  • MOAB – Launches a tiny rocket that makes a big BOOM!
  • Air-Strike Laser – Mark a location to deliver an Air Strike with 4 Bomb payload.
  • Bottle Rocket – Hurls a grenade. bang bang!
  • Concussion Mine – Deals damage and slows nearby enemies when triggered.
  • Energy Crystals – Not to be confused with healing crystals.
  • Durr Burger Helmet – A corporate mascot helmet that protects from a single instance of critical damage. Durr!
  • Backpack – Increases inventory size.
  • Beehive Grenade – Bees!
  • Big Poppy – A self-inflating balloon that demands personal space.

Yeah, even with those descriptions, some of the items are still pretty obscure, but they at least give us an idea of what to expect from the new upcoming items and consumables.

It’s not clear which of these items will come to Battle Royale, and which will be made exclusive to Save the World. We’ll have to wait on official word from Epic Games for that information.