Mario Tennis Aces Leaked: Box Art and Release Date Revealed

Uh oh, our favorite plumber has just got his upcoming game Mario Tennis Aces leaked. On the Japanese shopping website Rakuten, no less! Mario Tennis Aces was previously leaked on Amazon, though with no other sources many were not sure if the information provided was accurate or not – this leak from Rakuten, however, changes everything.

With the leak comes a quick summary of the product which, thanks to our handy friend Google Translate, can hopefully be rendered to you all in a suitable manner. The product summary reads: “A full-blown tennis battle begins! With “Mario Tennis” latest work, the tennis system is renewed!” From what we can tell there will be numerous modes (online and offline) for you and your friends to get your hands on when playing with Mario and co. on their newest sporty adventure. Your Joy-Cons, for example, will have a prominent role in this game, particularly in a mode that Rakuten describes as “swing mode”. And while there was no doubt about it: yes, there will be a story mode as well.

The leak also revealed an array of colorful screenshots featuring characters like Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, and Wario, as well as a look at the Mario Tennis Aces box art. While it looks a bit strange (Peach’s head looks significantly bigger outside of her dress), nobody can mistake the loving detail that went into Mario’s fine mop of hair and the trusty thrust of his tennis bat. To put it bluntly: it looks fantastic.

The Rakuten leak also appears to have revealed the Mario Tennis Aces release date: June 22nd of this year. While not 100% confirmed, the date has already been marked on our calendar anyway, and if you’re a Mario fan we’d recommend doing the same. Because hey, the game looks pretty ace.