The Council Intrigues With a Narrative Heavy Trailer Released Today

Today Big Bad Wolf Studios released a narrative-heavy trailer for its upcoming game, The Council. The Council can be best described as a Telltale-like murder mystery game that’s set in the 18th century, where politics, history, and intrigue often go hand-in-hand and a knife isn’t always the wrong answer. In today’s trailer, we were introduced to the main protagonist, Louis De Richet and his reason for joining the rest of his secret society member’s (aptly named the Golden Order) in a deadly dinner. To find his mother. Though you soon realize that your host, Lord Mortimer, has a variety of guests that aren’t as accommodating as you may be.

Yet what was really fascinating was the emphasis on narrative, character and the overwhelming importance of dialogue. In this game there is no second chances or quick saves where you can do over, you have to think on your feet and fast – making every little thing you do significant and pivotal to Louis’ journey. Dialogue can also be affected by the class you choose as well as your skills, skills such as conviction, manipulation, and questioning. With this variety of choices, you’ll be able to handle situations in a way that’s fitting for the backstory you choose to play as.

While you may be expecting combat, Big Bad Wolf have openly stated in this trailer that they’ve taken the traditional RPG combat and have transformed it into a battle of dialogue – often leading to consequences. Consequences in The Council are given two different categories, either short-term or long-term, meaning you’ll have to think very carefully about what decision you’re going to make.

If you’re interested in this political, episodic drama then you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t have to wait long before you can play the first episode. The Council is set to release on the 13th of March with Episode 1: The Mad Ones.

Until then, feel free to check out the trailer yourself below and then tell us at Game Revolution what you think.