Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Coming to iOS and Android in Japan This Spring

Square Enix is porting another of its classics to mobile this Spring. The company has announced that Valkyrie Profile Lenneth will be hitting iOS and Android in Japan sometime this season, and knowing their recent release policies (and the fact that Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is already translated into English) a Western release seems likely sometime down the road.

Valkyrie Profile was developed by tri-Ace and first released on the PlayStation in 1999. It was a hit for the time and sold almost one million copies worldwide. In 2006 an enhanced port of the game released on PSP called Valkyrie Profile Lenneth. This game serves as the basis for the iOS and Android mobile ports. The game had some issues with chugging on the PSP, so it’ll be interesting to see what changes and improvements will come with the new mobile version.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth has a unique story that sets it apart from a lot of other JRPGs. You take the role of a valkyrie named Lenneth on her journey through Midgard, which is the realm of man. During her travels, she gathers the souls of the dead and attempts to piece together her memories of her life as a human. Instead of playing from an overhead view like many RPGs of the time, Valkyrie Profile is played in a side-scrolling manner. It also has some of the most beautiful artwork to come out of the PlayStation One-era and is still a treat for the eyes.

The iOS requirements aren’t too stringent for Valkyrie Profile Lenneth. You only need an iPhone 5S, iPad Air, or iPad Mini 2 or better and a minimum iOS version of 6. So, basically, if you have an iOS device made in the last four years or so you’re good. With Android, you need to have at least 2 GB of RAM and at least Android 4.4 to play. There’s been no English release announced for Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, but as I said earlier, it’s likely to come to the West, especially since no localization process is needed for the game’s script.