Overwatch LFG Section Added to Its Official Forums by Blizzard

With a game as popular as Overwatch, it makes sense that many people are always looking for other people to join them on their button smashing adventures. Ever since Overwatch was released there have been websites that have offered ‘looking for group’ services for one of Blizzard’s well-loved game, but now Blizzard themselves have stepped in, adding an Overwatch LFG (Looking for Group) to their official forums.

For those who may not know what an LFG is, it’s quite simple. An LFG is a place where players can reach out to others who play the game and ask if they want to join up for a game or two. On some occasions, these are used to find groups that just want to have a bit of fun with no seriousness involved, though some are used to find specific sort of players in order to help them progress throughout the game, aka Overwatch competitive.

There are many third party Overwatch LFG websites, but with Blizzard’s reveal of their own, it is uncertain whether that number will diminish substantially or completely. What is certain however is that Blizzard is keen to make their official Overwatch LFG a friendly, accepting place for others to have fun with other players, regardless if they are on PC or Console.

The guidelines for Overwatch’s LFG was posted on Blizzard’s official forum. They said:

“We encourage you to use this forum to network with other players and find fellow community members to play Overwatch with.

PLEASE NOTE: Users who troll, harass, or try to incite nonconstructive discourse will be suspended.

Respect and courtesy are a requirement for this discussion. This is for the benefit of all participants on this forum.

In a continued effort to mitigate toxicity in-game and on the forums, users who are penalized or silenced in the game for negative conduct will find their posting privileges revoked throughout the duration of their penalty.

On this new platform, the Community team and moderators will be working to foster an atmosphere for constructive discussion and debate. Users who participate on the forums will be accountable to the Code of Conduct, which can be found here: Code of Conduct

So there it is. If you’re looking for a group then Blizzard’s Official forums is just the place for you.