Fortnite Website Down for Maintenance, Affects iOS Invites

We’ve got a Fortnite website down situation over here, with the official site undergoing two hours of maintenance. It’s unclear what has caused the downtime and suddenly needs maintenance, but it could be due to the heavy demand for Fortnite iOS invites, which requires players to visit the site to sign up.

Though the game is huge and growing rapidly, the Fortnite website is probably not used to such a huge number of concurrent users. The demand for Fortnite iOS invites was always going to be massive, but I guess even Epic Games didn’t anticipate a large enough demand to take down the site.

With all that said, the maintenance could just be timed poorly, and have nothing to do with the iOS invite signups.

The downtime was announced via the Fortnite Twitter account:

As explained in the tweet, it’s possible that the estimated two hours of downtime could change. If that happens, @FortniteGame will keep post updates.

Here’s hoping this is quickly fixed, as I’m sure players hunting for Fortnite iOS invites will be getting a little ticked off.