David Jaffe Reveals Canceled “Twisted Metal With Superheroes”

David Jaffe has revealed a canceled project he referred to as “Twisted Metal with superheroes,” with the Bartlet Jones founder sharing some information regarding the canned game. According to Jaffe, the project was concluded after Marvel announced that it was working on The Avengers video game, with the team concluding that the studio would likely include a battle mode.

Jaffe, the leading figure behind the creation of the Twisted Metal series, revealed the unnamed project on Twitter, alongside a selection of unused concept art.

Wanna know another game we were designing at Bartlet Jones? In essence: Twisted Metal with Superheros,” Jaffe tweeted. “Once we discovered Marvel was making The Avengers we were like, ‘Nah, they’ll have a battle mode’ so we killed it. Still- it was fun to work on. Here’s art! :)”

Little information is known about The Avengers video game, other than it will be a third-person action-adventure game with online functionality. Jaffe’s comments suggest that those in the industry believe the game will feature PvP elements, with Jaffe apparently so confident in this that Bartlet Jones shut down one of their prospective games.

Concept art for the in-game HUD depicted mid-air combat, with players taking flight and making use of weaponry and special abilities to take down their flying foes. The game appeared to be team-based.

A superhero game utilizing the Twisted Metal formula would certainly be interesting, and at the very least would have gone some way to satisfy those eager to play another entry in the car combat series. With the last Twisted Metal released way back in 2012, Jaffe has stated that fans routinely ask whether or not he’s working on a follow-up, though its future is currently in limbo with no new entries planned.

Bartlet Jones previously released Drawn to Death, though extensive lay-offs at the company earlier this year saw the developer lose the majority of its staff. Jaffe left Twisted Metal creator Eat Sleep Play in 2013 to form the new studio.