Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update is in Testing Phase

Stardew Valley multiplayer has been on our minds for a while now here at GR. But not to worry, in a series of tweets by Stardew Valley’s developer, Eric Barone aka ConcernedApe, he has let fans of his farming game know that all is going well. In the tweet below Eric confirms that Stardew Valley is in QA (quality assurance) testing to fix up bugs, and it is is reportedly going at a “very good pace!”

Many Stardew Valley fans who have been a fan of Barone’s from the start will tell you that he is a man of his word. Having created Stardew Valley on his own and producing the art, music, and coding, Barone has spent years perfecting Stardew Valley into the game we all know and love. A quick look at the game’s Wikipedia reveals how far the game has come. Barone has never sat still, remastering his art and adding bits and pieces of new content with almost every patch. This dedication to Stardew Valley has now been taken over by publisher Chucklefish while Barone works on new game Spellbound, so fans will still be getting new content as time goes on.

While there isn’t much known about multiplayer, fans are waiting eagerly for the chance to be able to play with their friends. And in a world as vibrant and fun as Stardew Valley, it would be difficult to not understand why. Though multiplayer isn’t the only update Barone tweeted about.

Say hello to your new fashionable horses! The only update that matters!