Monster Hunter World Falls to Fist of the North Star After Seven Consecutive Weeks on Top

Monster Hunter World has finally fallen off the top of the pedestal after seven consecutive weeks of being number one. New release Hokuto Ga Gotoku (Fist of the North Star) for the PS4 has managed to do what previous games like Metal Gear Survive and Dynasty Warriors 9 could not; overtaking Monster Hunter World as the best-selling title on top twenty software sales chart in Japan.

According to the most recent Media Create Sales figures, Fist of the North Star for the PS4 debuted to 123,116 units sold in its first week, including Limited Editions. Developed and published by Sega, Fist of the North Star is a game adaptation of the anime with the same name. The game adopts several gameplay traits from Sega’s own Yakuza franchise, including its quirky mini-games and side-quests. At the time of writing, localizations in English or other languages have not been officially announced.

Monster Hunter World can still take comfort in the fact that it has now amassed a total of 1,954,272 lifetime units sold in Japan alone. It is now officially the best-selling Capcom title in history, with over 7.5 million units shipped worldwide. The game has also been revealed to have been the most downloaded game on the US PlayStation Store for the second month in a row. Last but not least, Capcom recently announced a collaboration between Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry.

Other new releases that broke into the top twenty software sales chart include Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I: Kai -Thors Military Academy 1204 and Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for the PS4. The former debuted at seventh place while the latter debuted at tenth place with 10,965 and 6,814 units sold, respectively. Speaking of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, the game’s director Hajime Tabata recently explained about the new content arriving with the Royal Edition.

On the hardware sales chart, the Nintendo Switch maintained its new lead over the PS4 after the hybrid console toppled the PS4’s six-week reign a few weeks back. The Nintendo Switch grabbed the top spot with 45,084 units sold while the PS4 dropped to second place with 14,251 units sold. The Xbox One family had the worst sales with only 104 and 78 units sold for the Xbox One X and Xbox One respectively.