Drake Plays Fortnite With Ninja in Record-Breaking Twitch Stream

Drake played Fortnite in a record-breaking Twitch stream yesterday, appearing alongside top streamer Ninja and amassing over 600,000 concurrent viewers. The duo played alongside rapper Travis Scott and Pittsburgh Steelers’ Juju-Smith Schuster, with their squad taking on other players in the game (and a few stream snipers to boot).

The stream saw Drake, in his John Wick-inspired skin, tagging with Ninja in Epic Games’ battle royale shooter. Drake explained that he had been playing Fortnite for a month or two on the PS4, with his team using it to unwind after recording sessions.

Ninja is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers out there, with him boasting over 3 million followers and his channel receiving nearly 90 million views at the time of this writing. That view count increased dramatically last night, with his stream with Drake peaking at around 600,000 concurrent viewers.

This view count broke the previous record held by Dr Disrespect, who had over 380,000 views during his “comeback” stream. It is the largest non-tournament number of concurrent viewers on Twitch ever.

Watch the stream below:

Drake proved himself to be a formidable teammate during the session, with the pair racking up four duos wins. The stream was also hugely beneficial to Fortnite itself, with Drake tweeting the stream link out to his 36.8 million followers:

Considering that Fortnite Battle Royale was originally seen as an attempt on behalf of Epic Games to pull Fortnite back into relevancy, it’s truly surprising that it has become arguably the biggest game out there right now, surpassing even the likes of PUBG. With Drake hitting the headlines as a result of his stream with Ninja, maybe other celebrities will jump on the bandwagon and begin mingling with streamers, too.