Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nintendo Switch Port Likely Not Happening

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Switch port likely isn’t on its way, judging from a teaser trailer that was reportedly broadcast this week ahead of the game’s official reveal today. While the clip didn’t really give much away aside from confirming the game’s title, it did indicate the platforms that the game will be arriving on, with the Nintendo Switch not being one of them. A Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nintendo Switch port wasn’t exactly a guarantee, with few expecting the game to appear on the comparatively underpowered console, though the leaked trailer all but confirms that the game will only be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The trailer, which can be viewed here, displays the platforms on which Shadow of the Tomb Raider will seemingly be available on at launch. The Nintendo Switch logo is missing from that line-up, suggesting that there won’t be a Switch port of the action game.

Rise of the Tomb Raider was ported to the Xbox 360, so there was still some hope that Shadow of the Tomb Raider could make its way to the Nintendo Switch. However, as the last entry in the series underperformed, it stands to reason that Square Enix wouldn’t want to increase costs by way of assigning developers to a Switch port.

Still, this doesn’t mean that there is zero chance that Shadow of the Tomb Raider won’t appear on the Switch. As we’ve previously seen with Doom 2016, older games can be ported to the Switch with a decent amount of success, so if Square Enix finds itself wanted to wring out some more cash from the Tomb Raider sequel in the future, a Switch release could be the way to go. The official reveal later today should contain some more information, though Switch owners shouldn’t hold their breath.