New God of War Trailer to Air Before Family Guy on Sunday

A new trailer for God of War is going to be found in the most unlikeliest of places this Sunday: exclusively before and after the newest episode of Family Guy, thanks to a groundbreaking deal drawn up by Sony and Fox. The 60-second TV spot for God of War, entitled ‘Arrow’ is, according to AdWeek, bookending Family Guy as the animated comedy looks to start heading towards going ad-free during its runtime.

Kratos and Kratos Jr. (I’m still not planning on learning his name until he starts growling and decapitating like the godkiller) have already featured in a smattering of God of War adverts and trailers, but this is the first sign that the hype train is really about to leave the station before its release on April 20, despite its odd first stop.

Speaking to AdWeek, Asad Qizilbash, VP of Marketing for PlayStation believes the Family Guy episode, which, if you care, is about Stewie visiting a shrink, presents a great crossover between “audience alignment” (love that marketing speak) and that “Family Guy checked all the boxes.” In short, a lot of people who watch Family Guy are probably going to be excited about committing deicide. I’m saying nothing.

Family Guy airs at 6pm PST/9pm EST on FOX, so expect the God of War trailer to appear minutes before the scheduled time, as well as roughly 22 minutes after the episode starts. If it does well, we could be seeing the start of an historic trend involving multimedia crossover between games and TV. The two spheres are normally kept pretty separate, barring mega events such as Super Bowls, but now the game has changed. It could yet be a watershed moment for the medium, so keep your eyes peeled this Sunday night.