Xbox Game Pass Glitch is Stopping Players From Playing Games

It may be the new jewel in Xbox’s online crown, but Xbox Game Pass is causing users more panic than pleasure as of late. That’s all down to an Xbox Game Pass glitch that, even if you’ve never subscribed to the service, is playing havoc with users trying to play physical games that are also present in the Game Pass library.

Reddit users (H/T Kotaku) are reporting that they’re getting “Looks like you need to renew Xbox Game Pass” messages when inserting discs for certain games.  These include the likes of Halo 5, Mad Max, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Worryingly, this is happening to users who don’t have an Xbox Game Pass, indicating that there’s some sort of underlying problem affecting several users.

Thankfully, Major Nelson is on the case. One of Xbox’s leading public figures took to Reddit to respond to a user having Halo 5 issues and, after some back-and-forth about the problem, concluded that “The right teams are investigating.” Phew. He’s not called Major for nothing. However, the problem is, at the time of writing, still persisting.

It’s believed that the problem stems from game licenses possibly expiring but, as of yet, there has been no official confirmation from Microsoft or the Xbox team as to the cause other than a statement to Kotaku which reads,”We’re aware of the claims and working to validate and resolve.”

For now, anyone having an issue should contact Xbox Support and document as much as possible, from console region, to the model of Xbox One. There have been no other reports of issues from other subscription services, including EA Access.