Fortnite’s Pop-In Issues to Be Addressed in a Future Patch

Yesterday’s Fortnite update had many players feeling a little jumpy as players were starting to report seeing an increase in texture pop-in. Texture pop-in in a game like Fortnite isn’t the greatest of things, particularly because you’re supposed to be aware of your surroundings most of the time and if you aren’t, well, you usually get a bullet to the brain and that’s never good. So situational awareness is a skill, but what if that skill gets you doing crazy things like shooting into bushes that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere and making you look like a right idiot? Not so helpful then, is it?

This is what makes the new pop-in issues so incredibly distracting. Let’s be honest with one another, if a mushroom or bush texture just popped out at you, you’d be pretty shocked. Fortunately for players who find themselves shooting at the air, Epic Games is on the case and will be looking to fix this rather irritating issue in a future patch to come out soon.

In a thread about the upcoming, small patch there were some concerns raised about render distance. Again Epic Games was there to reassure. They said, “we’ve heard your feedback and are working on this for an upcoming build!” Considering their dedication to Fortnite and the individuals that play it, it would be safe to say that Epic Games is taking the problem seriously and it’ll be fixed soon.

Hopefully, players can then get on with their games without interruption. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if players in the game couldn’t actually dress up as a bush and walk around in their bush-like costume, but because that is an actual thing people can do, then we at GR can understand the frustration that players are feeling right now.