EA Celebrates FIFA 18 Ultimate Team’s Ninth Birthday With New SBCs and Items

EA are celebrating FIFA 18 Ultimate Team’s ninth birthday (has it really been nine years) in the only way they know how: one big, card-laden extravaganza. Get ready for new Squad Building Challenges, new Icons, and a brand-new FUT Birthday Squad.

So, what’s on offer? The marquee reveal has to be the Birthday Squad. A tradition for some years now, EA normally go all-out to give gamers a suitable dose of nostalgia by boosting great players in the mode from years gone by. This year is no different. The FIFA 18 Birthday Squad consists of players who did the business in their old positions and have since changed tack on the soccer field.

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, the week running from March 16 to March 23 starting at 2pm EST/6pm GMT will mark nine years since wildly-popular mode made its debut.

There’s a LB Gareth Bale, RB Azpilicueta and, my favorite, a LM Yannick Bolasie. It may not match last year’s effort of upgrading some of the most absurdly-overpowered players of yore, but it’s a fine effort nonetheless.

Elsewhere, St. Patrick’s Day – often a big trading occasion for the FUT masses – has been merged into the birthday celebrations. It’s still happening, so keep an eye out for it this week.

Of course, what’s a FIFA 18 Ultimate Team event without a few new Squad Building Challenges? There will be pack-giving puzzles aplenty this week, with the pick of the bunch undoubtedly being new Prime Icons being available in the challenges, as well as unique End of An Era cards representing the players who are due to hang up their boots this season.

So, come and join in on the fun. There’s bound to be several opportunities to get your hands on some of the most revered cards this week – as long as pack luck is on your side.