Yakuza 6 Demo Now Back in the PlayStation Store After Removal in Late February

The Yakuza 6 demo is now back in the PlayStation Store after being removed back in late February. The game’s demo was originally released on February 27th, 2018 before it was removed. When the Yakuza 6 demo was initially released, it was a massive download at a whopping 36.53 GB despite being just a demo. It was only supposed to contain the game’s prologue. However, it accidentally contained the full game, allowing players to access content beyond Chapter One. The trophies were even activated for those who accessed the demo.

Now that the Yakuza 6 demo is finally available again to download, players need to know that any trophies earned during the demo will need to be reattained in the full game. However, all progress including experience points, heat actions and stats will carry over to the full game when it releases.

Highlights from the demo include a karaoke rhythm mini-game, where players will listen to Kiryu singing songs like “Today is a Diamond” and more. In the full game, scoring enough points will grant wacky interlude for players during karaoke sessions. Players can also stop by a cat cafe for a missing cats side-quest, where they will have to rescue felines from the streets of Kamurocho. Last but not least, players can even hit the RIZAP gym, which is an actual gym brand in Japan, to increase the strength and endurance stat for Kiryu.

The story of Yakuza 6 takes place after the events of Yakuza 5, which was originally released in Japan in 2012. Yakuza 5 took over three years for the localized version to be released worldwide in 2015. While recovering from his injuries from the previous game, Kazuma is approached and arrested by the police. After three years of incarceration, he discovers that Haruka seems to have gone missing. Upon being released, he embarks on a journey to uncover the answers to the mystery of Haruka’s disappearance.

Yakuza 6 was originally slated to release worldwide on March 20th but it was then delayed to April 17th, 2018. The Japanese version of Yakuza 6 was originally released on December 6th, 2016. In our review, we gave it a rating of 4.5 out of 5., where we had this to say: “Yakuza 6 gives a fitting end to Kiryu’s arc, and although some things are scaled back in comparison to previous games, the improvements that come with the new engine are worth it.”