Ghostbusters World Pokemon Go-Like AR Gameplay Unveiled at GDC 2018

A first look at the gameplay from Augmented Reality (AR) game Ghostbusters World was recently shown at GDC 2018. Pokemon Go players will find themselves familiar with the gameplay, albeit with its own unique gameplay mechanics.

Ghostbusters World uses the Google Maps API, where players will find virtual ghosts roaming around on a virtual map on their iOS or Android device. The first preview of the game came from the pre-alpha footage and what we have seen so far is exciting.

First of all, players can actually utilize the P.K.E. meter to search for the presence of ghosts in the vicinity, just like in the movies. In the video, the player can be seen using the P.K.E. meter from the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot but we’re told that there will be multiple types to choose from in the final released version of the game.

Next, after choosing which ghost to confront on the map, the game immediately transitions to AR mode and the player will use the P.K.E. meter to scan for the ghost’s location. Once the ghost has been located, the player can whip out multiple weapons like the iconic proton gun or even a proton shotgun to dish out more damage.

During battles, the ghosts will have life-bars. After the ghost’s life bar has been depleted to fifty percent, the player can finally use the Muon Trap to capture the ghost. In the pre-alpha gameplay footage, the zombie taxi driver attacks the player by throwing yellow slime and even whole taxis.

At the time of writing, no specific release date has been announced for Ghostbusters World. It is currently still in development as part of a collaboration between Sony Pictures Entertainment Consumer Products, Ghost Corps, and publisher FourThirtyThree Inc.

In other news, Universal recently announced Jurassic World Alive, another AR game based on an iconic movie property. It will allow players to collect their own dinosaurs using AR technology and even fuse different species together to create hybrids.