Sea of Thieves Maintenance Scheduled for This Weekend

Blackbeard never had this problem. Sea of Thieves will be taking a (very) short hiatus from the ocean this weekend as it’s going through a short bout of maintenance to clear up a few ongoing niggles and issues. Here’s what time you can expect to take some (unplanned) shore leave.

Sea of Thieves Maintenance Start and End Time

Through Saturday, March 24 Sea of Thieves will be down for 5 hours. For those in the UK, the Sea of Thieves maintenance will start at 9am GMT and conclude at 2pm GMT. As the clocks haven’t gone forward yet for the Brits, the EST time zone is only four hours behind, and Pacific only 7. That makes the period of maintenance Stateside 5am-10am EST and 2am-7am PST.

While it isn’t clear what exactly the maintenance is addressing, the latest news post on the Sea of Thieves website mentions several big issues that the team at Rare are looking at. They include, but are not limited to: issues getting into games at peak times, rewards being delayed, achievements not popping, missing items, Xbox One X performance issues and players not receiving entitlements.

A second wave (get it?) of maintenance will arrive at the same time on Tuesday, March 27. Is something big coming? Probably not, but it’s nice to see Rare are getting all hands on deck when it comes to issues that, frankly, just want to make you walk the plank or take a nice extended vacation in the brig.