Puzzle Fighter is Making a Comeback on PS4

Puzzle Fighter looks set to make a comeback on PS4, with a new PEGI rating for the game suggesting that it’s on the way to current-gen consoles. The rating also points to a release today, suggesting that the Capcom puzzle game will be on its way sooner rather than later.

Puzzle Fighter already returned on mobile last year, with it replacing 2D sprites for 3D character models and doing a good job of revisiting the gameplay established in the 1996 game Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. However, a console version of the iOS and Android game has yet to be formally announced, though the PEGI rating indicates that it’s on its way in the near future.

The PEGI rating, found by our sister site PlayStation LifeStyle, can be viewed below:

Puzzle Fighter was an unexpected hit in the ’90s, with it pairing gem-breaking gameplay with Street Fighter‘s iconic roster of characters. Puzzle Fighter mobile even includes characters from across Capcom’s various properties outside of the fighting series, including Darkstalkers, Mega Man, and Okami.

The game features a world leaderboard to climb, along with PvP Seasons to take on other players. Progression through the game unlocks new fighters, who are each armed with their own unique abilities, while new characters, stages, and tournaments can be uncovered during live events.

Capcom hasn’t officially announced Puzzle Fighter‘s existence, though a game receiving an age classification typically means that it’s on its way. The release date of March 27 could be a placeholder prior to the final release date being announced, or this could be a stealth release and we could all be playing Puzzle Fighter later today. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Check out the trailer for Puzzle Fighter mobile below: