Swery’s The Good Life is Getting Relaunched on Kickstarter Today

Today it was announced that Swery’s The Good Life was getting relaunched on Kickstarter with an overhauled campaign as well as a lower funding goal than previously. Swery’s slice of life, murder mystery and debt repayment RPG is said on the Kickstarter’s page to be a game that offers “the bizarre, mysterious” as well as “a group of memorable characters.” And while the thought of a Kickstarter game being relaunched due to its previous failure might leave many feeling suspicious, Swery has earned himself respect and trust from his fans thanks to his previous works like Deadly Premonition and The Last Blade.

The Good Life is centered around a New York journalist called Naomi who has recently moved to a British town called Rainy Woods. Naomi, however, is currently in a huge amount of debt that she needs to pay off by taking photographs of the happenings around Rainy Woods and report on them. Yet the ‘happiest town in the world’ is by no means the most average one, especially when a murder occurs.

One thing that is particularly strange about the residents is something that occurs once a month as the full moon rises… If you guessed werewolves then you’re only half right. No, the residents of Rainy Woods turn into cats and dogs, and that includes Naomi! The Kickstarter page mentions that you’ll be able to choose which one you can be at the beginning, yet also hinted at the possibility of changing the animal you want to be as the story progresses.

The Good Life seems to value player choice, and so players will be able to see how the world around them changes with each choice they make. Photographs are also a key part included in The Good Life, as not only will it help Naomi pay off her debt but it’ll enable players to take make money out of her debt too. To hear more about Swery’s The Good Life, please look at the newest trailer below and check out the Kickstarter page.