Swery 65’s The Good Life Hits Kickstarter Goal

Following Swery 65’s hopeful bedtime tweet, The Good Life has been fully been funded on Kickstarter. With just over two days left to go, it has hit its $619,862 goal and continues to grow. This is a stark contrast from the failed last campaign, which only hit 45% of its goal on Fig.

However, it has quite a bit to go to hit its lone stretch goal to get a Nintendo Switch port. The project needs to hit $802,032 to make this happen, although it could still happen even if the goal isn’t met. The team wanted to make other stretch goals, like adding some new content, but that would have pushed the Switch goal up.

They decided to prioritize and just have “one single ambitious stretch goal, the most requested addition to the campaign.” Swery did post a picture on Instagram of The Good Life running on a Switch, but he claims it was just an “experiments with our current build and the console” but that it also “gives us extra motivation and more drive than ever.”

The Good Life is, as the Kickstarter page puts it, “a Daily Life Simulator x SWERISM” and also a “debt repayment daily life RPG.” Crowded genre, I know. You play as a journalist paying off her debt by taking and posting photos. And, because it’s a Swery game, someone gets murdered and thus begins a mystery.

It’s likely that Swery won’t see the news for a few more hours, since it got funded in the middle of the night in Japan’s local time. But it’s some good news to wake up to.