Magical Girl Game StarCrossed Kickstarter Is Funded

StarCrossed, a new magical girl game seeking funding on Kickstarter, reached its goal with around ten days left on the clock. Setting out to raise just shy of $10,000 dollars to help complete the project, StarCrossed is sitting at 108 percent funded as of October 17.

With a cast of 5 characters to choose from, StarCrossed is a cooperative arcade-style action game in which two players position themselves so that the star they ping-pong between each other collides with monsters on the field. Incorporating elements of arcade classic Pong and bullet hell shooters, this magical girl game is built primarily as a cooperative experience but can be played solo according to the game’s Kickstarter FAQ.

As is the norm with just about any Kickstarter project, the development team has introduced stretch goals in a bid to keep additional funding coming through as the campaign comes to a close. Starting at $12,000 and capping out at $17,000, Stretch Goal rewards promise alternate character skins, additional music, and even a new character for arcade mode, suggesting the game’s Story Mode content is locked down at this time. Hitting $15,000 will allow the team to incorporate partial voice acting, but no amount of backing will get you a personal voice role in the title.

Envisioned as a magical girl game during a 3-hour gamejam, the cooperative action game was spun into a more serious project following praise toward the original gamejam build and demoed at events like PAX East and Pixelpop Festival over time. At launch, the magical girl game will include a story mode with “enemy waves, boss fights, and visual novel style cutscenes”, and an Endless Arcade Mode to challenge teams gunning for a high score.

You might notice a little Overwatch and Persona influence in the character designs, but these nameless heroes are certainly their own beings.

With funding now secured, StarCrossed is all set to travel toward an early 2019 PC release date, with Xbox One and Switch versions swirling around the certification process for release in the same year.