Swery’s The Good Life May Come to Switch in the Future

What’s better than transforming into a cat or dog? Transforming into a cat or dog on the go! That’s right, Swery’s The Good Life may come to the Nintendo Switch in the future, though as of now that isn’t 100% confirmed. In the latest update on the project’s Kickstarter page,  Swery goes into detail on what fans of the project can expect for the future. He also had a very, very interesting picture to share.

Yes, that is indeed The Good Life running on a Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, this was only a small test on the main programmer’s behalf, though we too would love to see a port of this anticipated game on the Switch as well. Though the port was just a test, fans should remain hopeful for the future as Swery had some positive things to say about the possibility of the game coming to the Switch.

Swery Good Life Switch

He said, “we love the Nintendo Switch. And while we cannot commit to making a Switch version for now, our main programmer couldn’t stop himself from doing a few experiments with our current build and the console.” He continued, “they have been surprisingly successful so far, much to the whole team’s enjoyment. It gives us extra motivation and more drive than ever, and the will to make the campaign successful. I hope it excites you too!”

It’s looking as though The Good Life on the Switch may not be possible right now, but there is hope for the future, especially if the game does well. It was only yesterday that the demo for the game was released, though the campaign has only reached half of the funds needed for The Good Life to succeed and become a reality.

The lack of funding may have some fans worried, though Swery has already spoken out about how even if the Kickstarter project doesn’t meet its goal, he will still find some way to fund it. An admirable goal. However, we hope it doesn’t come to that.