God of War Fails to Debut at Number One, Nintendo Labo Proves More Popular in Japan

God of War has been receiving glowing reviews and perfect scores since it was released last Friday. With almost universal praise for the highly-anticipated PS4 exclusive, it’s easy to predict that the game would come out on top everywhere in the world. However, that’s not what happened in Japan. The game failed to debut at number one as the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit managed to grab the top spot on the top 20 software sales chart.

According to the most recent Media Create Sales figures, God of War debuted to an underwhelming 46,091 units in its first week in Japan. In comparison, it managed to break the record for being the fastest-selling game in the franchise’s history in the UK and grab the number one spot on the UK sales chart in the process.

It looks like God of War‘s sales in Japan won’t be contributing much to the 10 to 20 million units that Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes the game would eventually reach in the number of copies sold. The game’s director Cory Barlog probably wouldn’t mind the paltry amount of units sold in Japan, since it’s probably selling like hot cakes everywhere else. Check out our God of War review, in which we gave it a perfect score.

Interestingly, Nintendo Labo debuts at first place and third place simultaneously, as two different kits managed to break into the top 20 software sales chart. The Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit and Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit sold 90,410 and 28,629 units, respectively. This isn’t completely surprising, considering that the Nintendo Switch has been consistently selling more units than the PS4 in Japan.

On the hardware sales chart, the Nintendo Switch sold 34,165 units, which probably boomed due to the release of Nintendo Labo. The PS4 only managed to sell 8,967 and 4,480 units for the Pro and base model variants, respectively. The Xbox One family of consoles remains at the bottom of the chart, with only 59 and 57 units sold for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.