Wolfenstein 2 Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed

The Wolfenstein 2 Nintendo Switch release date has been revealed, with the Nazi-shooting FPS set to launch on the console on June 29, 2018. A brand new trailer outlining this reveal highlighted how the game will run on the Switch hardware, along with giving us the odd image of seeing a swastika displayed on Nintendo’s family-friendly console. Video games are weird.

The game launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this year to positive reviews, and now Switch owners can take surly protagonist BJ Blazkowicz with them wherever they go, taking down the fascists both on their morning commute or while lounging around on their sofa. It will also make use of the Switch’s motion controls, though can also be played in TV mode

Bethesda has proven itself to be one of the Nintendo Switch’s most dedicated third-party developers, having previously released both Skyrim and DOOM on the console. While these games were released long after their debut on the PS4 and Xbox One, it seems that the Switch’s portability has ensured that many players are still picking them up on the Nintendo console, causing Bethesda games to enjoy a healthy amount of success on the platform.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines recently commented on the Switch’s success in an interview with GameReactor: “Nintendo’s been really pleased [with its success] obviously, and we didn’t have a crystal ball to know, ‘Oh this will definitely their best-selling thing’, but we saw it early,” he said. “We felt like there was something we could support and our games would resonate, and they have, and obviously Nintendo’s crushing it with their hardware sales which is great.”

Wolfenstein 2 will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on June 29. Check out the new trailer below: