Detroit: Become Human Demo Available for Download on PS Store Soon

Developer Quantic Dream will be releasing a Detroit: Become Human demo tomorrow. It will be available for download on the PlayStation Store starting from April 24th, a minute past midnight at 12:01 am Eastern Standard Time in the US. The purpose of the announcement was to celebrate the milestone of the game going gold.

The news was revealed by Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere on PlayStation Blog earlier today. The Detroit: Become Human demo will allow players to experience the very first scene of the game, Hostage, which was previously seen in trailers released in the past.

In the Hostage scene, players will assume the role of the android character Connor, who is trying to negotiate and save the life of a girl taken hostage by another android on the rooftop of a building. In the demo, players will be given an extended Alexa skill named Cyberlife, which will provide them with “guidance and additional intel about this near-future android-filled world.”

That’s not all as the Cyberlife Alexa skill will also assist players during the investigation process. It will provide the player with more details as they examine every piece of the crime scene, help uncover the truth behind any character they encounter and discover alternate endings.

Here’s what players need to do in order to access the Cyberlife Alexa skill in the demo:

  • Download the Detroit: Become Human Demo from the PlayStation Store on the PS4.
  • Have access to any enabled Amazon Alexa Device.
  • Download the Detroit: Become Human CyberLife Skill by saying “Alexa, enable CyberLife” or by doing a search for Cyberlife with your Amazon Alexa app.

Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Detroit Become Human will be released exclusively for the PS4 on May 25th, 2018. It was initially announced at a Sony press conference during Paris Games Week in October 2015.