Ninja Breaks Twitch Record Again During Fortnite Live Tournament

Celebrity streamer Ninja, Fortnite, and Twitch go hand-in-hand like a glove at this point. Case in point: Ninja’s star-studded eSports Las Vegas show, which pitted several of the top Fortnite players in the world against each other for cash prizes drew a record crowd on the streaming platform.

Coming fresh off the 625,000+ who concurrently viewed his instantly iconic stream with Drake, Ninja’s hosting of the tournament reached 680,000, in part thanks to the presence of top Fortnite player Myth, as well as the cash prizes on offer.

At the eSports Arena emanating out of the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Ninja put up a $50,000 cash pot across nine Fortnite games. Every win would grant a player $2,500, with each player who managed to kill Ninja also getting a cool $2,500 for their troubles.

While Ninja managed to win one of the nine contests, it was barely a footnote compared to the scene on Twitch where nearly three-quarters of a million people tuned in to see the likes of Ninja and Myth duke it out.

There were surprises among those taking part, too, as 14-year-old 4DRStormYT picked up a win, and a Fortnite player going by the moniker of Blind managed to scoop up the victory royale in the first two games, indicating their may be a new player ready to rumble on the Fortnite stream.

If these numbers prove nothing else, it’s that Fortnite is a valuable eSports commodity just waiting to be tapped. If the game continues to grow at an exponential rate with such extravagant personalities, it’ll only be a matter of time before Fortnite takes over the airwaves.