The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter wraps with all but two goals achieved

The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter, which dropped suddenly in February after some cryptic teases, finally wrapped up today and was quite successful. Not only did it blow past its modest initial goal of around $51,000 almost instantly, it finished at just over $2.2 million, just shy of its penultimate stretch goal.

It didn’t quite get the ability to add orchestral recordings or multiple languages for $2.25 million and $2.5 million, respectively, but users were able to get the Switch, Steam, and PS4 versions funded as well as two 2D side-scrolling adventures starring side character Luka and a remixed soundtrack. There wasn’t a stretch goal for an Xbox One version as it would be “very costly.” However, this success has made Platinum confident in the future of self-publishing.

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The game saw a bit of an uptick today in its final hours, which isn’t uncommon. It was perhaps helped by Platinum’s stream that was meant to boost its visibility. And even though the Kickstarter campaign just concluded, people don’t have to wait long to play the remastered version of this original Wii U title. It’s coming out on May 19 on the backed platforms.