Dark Souls Remastered and All Its Changes

Dark Souls originally debuted in September 2011 and was met with positive reviews and reception from critics. The PC version was not so well-received as the original had been, and had to be fixed with a lot of help from modders and other people within the community.

We truly hope that this new remaster won’t have to need that same reception, though, considering the changes Bandai Namco has emailed out, we feel as though the upcoming remaster will be in great hands. Not a lot has changed, though 4K resolution and 60fps is now supported, along with improvements to texture and lighting effects that are sure to make fans happy.

Functional changes to the Remaster, however, are more prominent. The original Dark Souls was insistent that you were to play the game with strangers, making your adventures laborious at best and treacherous at worst because you never knew when people were going to screw you over.

Now the Password Matching system from both Dark Souls 2 and 3 will be used instead, with the summoned player’s level (for both character and weapon) syncing with the host. The number of players available on online will also increase from 4 to 6, with the Dried Finger item (allowing you to host six players) will be obtainable much earlier on in the game.

Other changes we have listed below:

  • Healing items won’t be available in PvP with the exception of Estus, and phantoms will have their Estus Flask count halved.
  • The Arena will support 3v3 team and six-player death match now, as well as password matching and random respawn points.
  • Online network is now a dedicated server rather than P2P. Thank goodness!
  • Players can now prevent matched red phantom players from seeing your “White Sign Soapstone” sign via option.
  • Players can now turn on/off regional matchmaking
  • Players can no longer summon ally phantoms consecutively when in combat with enemy phantoms
  • In online play, players who are outside of the Host’s parameter range will not be matched with each other (the players can still be matched via Password Matching)
  • You can now use more than one item at once and can select how many you use.
  • You can change Covenants you’ve discovered at bonfire.

And the most important update that we’ve heard: Blighttown will no longer make your framerate look as though it’s running through mud.