Rainbow Six Siege Developers Make Fighting Toxic Behavior a Priority

Multiplayer games and toxic behavior go hand in hand these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to lie down and just accept it as a natural part of gaming. Today the Rainbow Six Siege developers have announced that they are planning to make fighting toxic behavior a priority, with their end goal being that they’ll be able to “track negative behavior” sufficiently. They’ll then take action against those who act poorly, as well as implement new features that’ll encourage these players to improve their behavior in the future.

As of right now, the team is focusing on short-term changes, such as team kill tracking and chat improvements, though they’ll be working on much more in-depth changes in the near future. Team killing, in particular, has become a major issue in Rainbow Six Siege Season 2. While it is being tracked, the Siege team admit that they’ve had many gamers “slip through the cracks” across multiple games. They have vowed to get better at stopping this but haven’t given out any information on how due to fear of the information being taken advantage of.

As for Season 3, Mute Chat and Chat Filtering options will be added to allow individuals to mute players in both text and voice chat. There will also be a filtering system in place, telling players if they’ve been inappropriate and warning them against it in the future.

Rainbow Six Siege, like all games like it, has a code of conduct that it expects all players to follow. Use of threatening, abusive, racist, sexist, or other defamatory remarks will more often than not result in a ban, yet this doesn’t seem to put too many players off from making these comments anyway. The Rainbow Six Siege team are aware of this and are currently monitoring this behavior, considering the severity the team will then give out bans. It’s certainly a step forward, but is it enough? According to the Siege team, ban duration can last for up to 2 days, 7 days, 15 days and then (if the player has really pushed their luck) a permanent ban.