Sony Denies Fortnite PS4 Players the Ability to Share V-Bucks Between Xbox One and PC

Sony has repeatedly highlighted how it isn’t interested in allowing for cross-play between the PS4 and the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with the company not wanting PS4 owners to be able to play alongside those on other platforms. Fortnite cross-play has been one of the most heavily requested features for the PS4 version of the game, though Sony has been disinterested in hopping aboard the bandwagon, with the company now refusing to allow V-Bucks purchased on the PS4 to be carried over to the Xbox One, PC, and mobile versions of the game.

One of the changes revealed in today’s update 3.5 patch notes included the ability to share purchased V-Bucks between platforms, with players now able to carry over their V-Bucks on Xbox One, PC, and mobile. This is a sensible change, as it ensures that in-game currency purchased on an account can still be accessed by the owner of that account regardless of platform. However, Sony has opted out of this change, with V-Bucks purchased on the PS4 still only accessible to those playing on the console.

While purchased items have always carried over between platforms if you’re using the same Epic Games account, up until now purchased V-Bucks have remained on the platform they were purchased on. In update 3.5 (or update 1.54 on console), players who buy V-Bucks on Xbox One can now access them when switching over to PC and mobile, and vice verse. The same privileges won’t be granted to PS4 players, who will still only be able to access their purchased V-Bucks on Sony’s console, along with not being able to play with those on other platforms, too.

Fortnite players have been requesting cross-play between all platforms for a while now, though it has yet to become a reality. Back in March, Microsoft released a statement to Kotaku explaining that “our offer [to provide cross-platform play] with PlayStation players still holds.” However, with Sony continuing to distance itself from any potential cross-platform features between PS4 and other platforms, it seems like Sony is going to hold out on cross-play for the foreseeable future.