Agony PS4 and Xbox One to be Censored, PC Version Will Remove Censorship with Patch

It looks like backers of Agony will have to settle for a “censored” version of the game when it eventually releases, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game having been altered so as not to receive an AO rating. However, PC players will be able to experience the uncensored version of the game, as tit will receive a patch post-release which will remove all the censored elements from the game.

The developer, Madmind Studios, revealed the news via an update on Agony‘s Kickstarter page. They began the post by reassuring backers of the game that “every version of Agony, regardless of the platform, is identical in terms of content.” They have been meeting with age-rating companies to determine to ensure that the game receives an M (Mature) rating instead of an AO (Adults Only) rating, which would make Agony unreleasable on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Fortunately, the developer managed to avoid actually cutting entire scenes from Agony. The console version of the game will receive several modifications, such as slightly changing the camera’s frame. The company chose not to reveal what exactly has been censored “due to possible spoilers,” but they said: “None of the elements you have seen in Agony‘s promotional materials (gameplay, trailers, screenshots, GIFs) have been censored.”

The developer confirmed that PC players will be getting an optional patch to remove the “censorship” and allow access to the full, uncut version of Agony. To appease backers of Agony, the company is offering the option for those who bought the console version to convert it into the PC version, if they would like to do so.

Earlier in March, Madmind Studios announced that Agony was going to be delayed indefinitely from its original release date of March 30th, 2018. The purpose of the delay was because the developer intended to polish the game even further before releasing it, stating that they wish to provide the best possible experience to players across every platform.