Call of Duty WW2 The Blitzkrieg Community Event Officially Revealed

Yesterday, the official Call of Duty Twitter teased that there would be something brand new coming to the CoD WW2 community. However now all that waiting has been worth it, because developer Sledgehammer Games and publisher Activision has just revealed the Blitzkrieg Community Event. As expected, the event looks to promise a ton of new content for players to get lost in.

Players will be aware that last week the mode Ground War was added to be played on medium and large-sized maps, as well as all War mode maps. Along with this newest mode, a new, free map that is titled HQ has been added. This may be a map that players recognize, but we can’t help but say that any map is free is a great map. What’s more, the HQ map has its own playlist and is only playable on Prop Hunt, Gun Game, and Free-For-All.

In addition to all this new content, players now have the opportunity to wield six brand new weapons. These are: the 4-round burst ITRA Burst rifle, the semi-auto Type 5 rifle, the full-auto M2 Carbine rifle, the Sterling SMG, the bolt action Type 38 sniper rifle, and the Baseball bat melee weapon. Quite an arsenal of weapons, wouldn’t you say? Some of these weapons can be obtained by supply drops, though, unfortunately, the ITRA Burst, Sterling and Baseball bat must be earned through weapon collections.

Recently Call of Duty: WW2 announced new DLC, The War Machine as well as new missions. This showed off a new feature, being able to take into the air and join in some aerially awesome dog-fights. It was a DLC to be celebrated, that was for sure. And it seems as though Activision believes this new event is worth celebrating too. To watch the newest Blitzkrieg Community Event trailer, check it out below.