Disgaea 1 Complete Edition Announced on PS4 and Switch

Disgaea 1 Complete, a remake of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, is heading to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in the United States this fall, according to NIS America. This marks the first time Disgaea: Hour of Darkness has been available in HD in the West.

Disgaea 1 Complete will feature the same tactical gameplay and silly story that made the series famous, while giving the entire game an HD makeover. The game is currently available for preorder on the NIS America store here. The complete edition includes the following and more:

  • Official Soundtrack
  • Official Hardcover Art Book
  • Prinny Coaster Set
  • “Post of Darkness” Tear-Resistant Poster
  • Prinny Pouch Collector’s Box

Disgaea first made its North American debut on PS2 in 2003. The game follows Laharl, a demonic prince who’s just awoken from a two-year nap. His father has passed away and his kingdom is in shambles. With the help of Etna, one of his many vassals with incredibly questionable loyalty, Laharl sets off to reclaim the throne. Along the way he meets numerous oddball characters, throws talking penguins at demons, and makes tons of ridiculous jokes. The entire thing results in one-of-a-kind experience our own staff described as:

“Disgaea is a solid title with plenty of personality that is unfortunately going to go under the radar next to juggernauts like Soul Calibur II and F-Zero. While it isn’t going to wow anyone with cutting edge graphics, there’s a great deal to do and it features a very charming atmosphere.”

The series is famous for its insane level cap of 9,999 and over-the-top humor. Not only can characters be leveled to 9,999, but items and shops can also be leveled up. With an absurd amount of items to collect and classes to level, Disgaea has no shortage of content. For fans of tactical RPGs, those that love tons of grinding, or those that crave a ridiculous plot, keep your eyes open for Disgaea 1 Complete on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch this fall.