Latest Xbox One System Update Releases With Support for FreeSync and 1440p

Microsoft has just rolled out the latest Xbox One system update. While it isn’t a particularly groundbreaking update that completely changes everything, there’s no denying that it introduces some pretty cool features that will be welcomed by players who can use them to the fullest extent.

Some of these changes have been announced before or were previously available through the Xbox Insiders program. This is a program that allows players to test upcoming system features before the rest of the community can get their hands on it. All for the greater good, of course.

One of the changes that have been included is AMD FreeSync support, though it is only implemented for those with compatible displays. Thankfully it is available for all Xbox One systems, however, only Xbox One S and Xbox One X can output HDR with FreeSync 2, so make sure you’ve got the right system before you start knocking on Microsoft’s door to demand help.

Another feature is the new Auto Low-Latency mode that can be enabled on your Xbox One’s system settings. This allows your console to send a quick message to your display, that is, assuming that it supports ALLM, to let it know to enable its Game mode. This then helps reduce input latency.

There is also some exciting news for gamers with an Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The update now gives the consoles a video output for 1440p, a useful feature for those with FreeSync displays that don’t offer 4K. What’s more, the new update allows you to share screenshots and video clips directly to Twitter as well as enhancing the Narrator feature.

You can find more information about the update on Xbox’s official website, which explains in more detail (with pictures as well) about the newest features. The update is around 792 MB, so unless your internet is as slow as a snail, it should download in no time. Happy playing, Xbox fans!