Rumor: Fortnite Switch Could Be Revealed at E3 2018

File this one under ‘massive grain of salt’, but it sure is exciting. Fortnite Switch may be on the way according to Twitter user LeakyPandy, who has previous for leaking past Nintendo Direct info.

Taking to Twitter, LeakyPandy revealed that gossip – and it’s just that at this point: gossip – has been rumbling around the possibility of Fortnite Switch and an announcement in the near-future

While LeakyPandy, who also operates under the handle Vandal_Leaks, is keen to point out that nothing is set in stone, they have hinted at Nintendo’s E3 Showcase being the time and place where Fortnite Switch will be unveiled.

The “statements we consider to be the most reliable” about any possible Fortnite Switch release is that its Battle Royale mode would have no “substantial differences” compared to any other platform, and it would have cross-play, which would be a significant leap forward for Nintendo’s console.

It’s Save the World, however, that would get a distinctly Nintendo flavor, possibly receiving “Exclusive Nintendo IP content” alongside local co-op.

For Nintendo not to want in on a slice of the Fortnite pie at this point would be madness – and the timing would certainly add up. I’m already getting a little excited at the thought of some Nintendo-exclusive Fortnite Switch skins (imagine running around Tilted Towers as Tingle) and this would push the success of the Switch and Fortnite onto a complete different level.

Even if we have no official confirmation – and likely won’t until at least E3 – it’s the perfect match… right?