Fortnite Lawsuit Against 14-Year-Old Cheater Continues

If you’ve played an online game before, you’ll know that there have always been cheaters. Fortnite is no exception to this, particularly the 14-year-old Fortnite cheater who has managed to land themselves in some very hot water with Epic Games. Cheating is obviously taken very seriously, seriously enough that Epic Games has decided to pursue legal action against the teen, known in court documents as “CR” for legal reasons.

CR has had the lawsuit filed against him due to his “unlawful modification” of Fortnite, as well as using YouTube to promote and distribute software to help other players cheat the system. It has also been reported (via that CR has apparently been banned from Fortnite over a dozen times in the past for actions that violate their Terms of Service and End-User License Agreement.

CR isn’t the only Fortnite cheater that Epic Games has taken issue with. However, when it was revealed CR was a minor, it left some wondering where the studio would go from there.  Nonetheless, the reveal of CR’s age hasn’t seemed to perturb Epic Games at all, with the studio even reportedly hiring a private investigator to locate and give notice to the minor.

CR’s mother felt as though the company was using her son as a scapegoat for its own failings, thus wrote a letter in his defense (via TorrentFreak) in an attempt to dismiss the case. Epic Games replied with its very own document, countering the mother’s argument and motion for dismissal. If the mother’s dismissal is waved aside, this could result in Epic Games earning monetary compensation.

The subject of a minor being given harsh results may be a difficult pill to swallow for some, though some will argue that with the minor breaching Fortnite’s rules repeatedly means that there was no other outcome to be expected.

But what do you think? Do you believe Epic Games have gone too far, or do you believe that its actions are necessary to stop cheating from occurring in Fortnite?