Vampyr Gameplay Trailer Shows off New Abilities and Enemies

Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive Studios have just given us another reason to get our blood pumping with excitement. That’s right, a new Vampyr gameplay trailer is now available for you to watch below. The trailer shows off new gameplay features for the upcoming action RPG that is bigger, better and bloodier than ever.

In the preview, you are once again placed in the shoes of Jonathan Reid, a doctor who has recently returned to a very different London than the one he left during the war. In the trailer, you see how Reid is confronted by individuals who seek out ‘leeches’ (aka vampires) to put them to the stake. He is harassed to the point that he has to flee, only to stumble into an innocent woman and take her life so he can live his.

Already Vampyr shows enormous promise through its story alone, but what really stands out in this trailer is the combat.  One ability seemed to render Reid completely invisible, allowing him to sneak up on his enemies and bite into them. Another seems to raise them in the air before draining them completely.

It has been said in previous articles that the more Reid feeds, the more abilities he is able to learn to use to his advantage. Of course, the player also has the option not to feed on a single person, however, it makes getting through the tough, dark streets of London that much harder. And truly, you may regret being so noble when you come across some fearsome foes…

That’s right, spoilers ahead, but the potential of other supernatural creatures being involved in Vampyr is now a reality. So before you take the altruistic route, perhaps ask yourself: is it truly worth it?

Take a look at the gameplay trailer for yourself, then let us know whether you’re planning to get Vampyr for yourself when it releases next month, June 5th.