Beyond Good and Evil 2 Livestream Reveals Story Details

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is looking worlds apart from its predecessor, with its different time period and style . But during Super Monkey Report, Ubisoft’s own unique BG&E livestream session, the developers confirmed that we’ll get some answers to questions that have been bugging us since the 2003 original’s cliffhanger ending.

“Yes and no,” answers creative director (and godfather of all things Beyond Good and Evil) Michel Ancel when asked if we’ll get answers to the cliffhanger from Beyond Good and Evil which – spoilers for a 15-year old game here – featured an ominous looking object grow out of the uncle of protagonist Jade’s hand.

Ever the diplomat, Ancel went on to elaborate – and maybe gave a little too much away in the process: “No, because it’s a prequel. We’re not going to tell what happens after. Yes: because most of the mysteries… discovered in Beyond Good and Evil will be revealed or will be explained or somehow you will face them.”

Not only will we get to explore more of the world in Beyond Good and Evil 2, it sure sounds like we’ll get a greater glimpse at the DomZ and the lore surrounding them, and maybe even fight off a few of the shadowy foes along the way.

That’s not all, though. Beyond Good and Evil also showed its hand late in the final act to hammer home Jade as the Chosen One. It came out of left-field but, as Jade is around at the time of the prequel’s setting (though we won’t play as her), there’s a chance we’ll find out more about the photojournalist.

“You will understand better the origins of Jade,” Ancel teases, “Where is she coming from, who is she?”

While we don’t have answers to those questions (yet) you can see what Beyond Good and Evil 2 has cooked up in the awe-inspiring second look at its gameplay here on Ubisoft’s Twitch page.