Play For Honor for Free This Weekend

For Honor, Ubisoft’s melee-focused online multiplayer title from 2017, is having a free weekend. Starting right now until May 6th, players on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 can jump online and start hacking away as soon as they finish downloading the trial.

The trial contains the online cooperative and competitive multiplayer, story campaign, and the new-and-improved training modes. Players will also be able to try any of the game’s 18 different heroes. Essentially, you’re getting to try the whole game for the weekend.

For Honor is also now heavily discounted on all three platforms for a limited time just in case you’ve been convinced to give the whole thing a go. And if you decide to drop the cash, you’ll thankfully be able to keep all of your progress that you attained this weekend.

Despite issues regarding its competitive scene, Ubisoft has stood behind and continued support for For Honor since its release last February. They’ve added multiple new characters and maps, more cosmetics, the aforementioned overhauled training modes, multiple balance updates, and even dedicated servers.

It’s hard not to draw comparisons to another one if Ubisoft’s games, Rainbow 6 Siege. It released to a fairly muted reception from players and critics but exploded in popularity after its initial launch window. Ubisoft stuck with it by listening to the fans and continually updated and improved the game. That patience paid off and now Siege has over 25 million players. However, it’s more difficult to directly compare the Ubisoft’s support of For Honor and Siege because of the latter’s undeniably bigger playerbase.

A free weekend is one way to grow that audience and succeed, even if it doesn’t hit Siege levels of popularity. This kind of support bodes well for Ubisoft’s upcoming multiplayer-focused, pirate game, Skull and Bones. To see more about the free weekend, you can watch the trailer below.