GTA 5 Battle Royale Mod Makes it Into a Different Game

This GTA 5 Battle Royale mode, modded by user Theaetik, transforms the game GTA fans all know and love into a completely different one. The mod is so well done that if we didn’t know any different, we would say that Rockstar was jumping on the Battle Royale bus in the hope to get some more bucks in their already overwhelming pockets.

Complex Control, as described by Theaetik, merges battle royale and roguelite mechanics to create something with “high replayability and variety” that’ll leave players coming back for more. What Theaetik is looking for is something that will give players something that “feels as though there’s always something new to experience every run.”

We took a quick peek at the four gameplay videos, as well as the official trailer (which you can see below) and we think that ‘something new to experience every run’ may be an overwhelming understatement on Theaetik’s part. The Complex Control mod boasts a number of different features. This includes 50 “unique and balanced” abilities with cooldowns such as blinking/teleporting, particularly helpful when getting out of your vehicle, and slow-motion gameplay. You’ll also have 70 characters to choose from as you fight to survive fast-firing warzones, populated with dropping and driving AI enemies.

What’s more, Theaetik is quick to add that Complex Control has a save system that is completely separate from the main GTA 5 game. They also state that the new elements included in the mode, such as “procedural gameplay, permadeath, permanent progression”, are what makes it stand out against all the other Battle Royale games out there.

There are, of course, more features that haven’t been mentioned. As stated on the official page for Complex Control, these are just some the things included in the mode:

  • Rogue-lite Characters – Choose from pre-made character sets with random Abilities / Weapons / Vehicles / Names
  • Royal Avatar – Progress on your own character until they die or trade them for cheaper and with score return
  • Ranking – 4 ranks to dynamically change gameplay the better or worst you succeed
  • Leveling – Leveling brackets reflected by total career score gained
  • Stats – Statistics page to help you keep a track on progress or performance
  • Color Map Spawn – No spawn is fixated, areas of the map are marked for spawn

To see more about Complex Control, have a look at the official trailer below.