“Rage 2 Trailer Looks Mad,” Says Our Mate Max

Rage 2 trailer has been unleashed upon the world, offering a tease at a sequel that many of us weren’t expecting to see. Our mate Max, however, had remained hopeful that one day he’d see a follow-up to his favorite post-apocalyptic game. “Mad” is the word Max used to described the new Rage 2 trailer, and I have to say it does look pretty bonkers.

Prior to this week’s leaks, the last thing we heard about a possible Rage 2 was Bethesda saying that the original game did “well enough” to justify a sequel.

Rage 2 Teaser Trailer

The Rage 2 trailer is embedded below. Unfortunately, it is the most teasing of teasers, with some real-life actors (or incredibly well-rendered characters!) cosplaying as Mad Max-esque personalities. If you’re a big fan of the color pink, there’s a lot in this trailer to love. Everyone else, you might want to wait until tomorrow for the bigger reveal. A Rage 2 gameplay trailer and additional details are scheduled to drop at 10 a.m.

The above Rage 2 trailer moves pretty quickly, cutting between scenes. However, some good use of the “pause” function can provide snapshots of the game’s post-apocalyptic wasteland, some zombie-like creatures, and what appear to be elemental weapons. I like to think that the two characters stood beside one another means we’ll see some form of Rage 2 multiplayer co-op, but that might be a stretch…

The original Rage did quite well in our review. It boasted excellent car combat, the enemy AI was good, and the dungeon design was fantastic. The various mini-games were a highlight, too. Unfortunately, the fetch quests quickly became annoying, NPCs just seemed to talk way too slowly, and there were some severe texture pop-in on consoles. You can read the full review, which includes some comparisons to Red Dead Redemption and Fallout 3 (it was 2011!), by clicking here.