Rocket League’s Upcoming Rocket Pass Works Like the Fortnite Battle Pass

Developer Psyonix announced its upcoming roadmap for Rocket League, detailing its plans for new music, DLC, events, and dramatic changes to the game’s progression and reward system. Dubbed the “Rocket Pass,” this new system will change how players earn in-game cosmetics through a two-tiered system that will cycle every few months.

Players can choose between the free and premium version of the Rocket Pass. The free version will give players steady access to new cosmetic items, Decryptors (keys for crates), and exclusive in-game titles as they level up. Premium pass buyers will have access to another progression list and that list will be unlocked at a flat cost for those who choose to plunk down the cash. Potential buyers will also be able to preview the content of the premium pass in case they don’t want to blindly spend their money. Psyonix insists they are still working on this feature and will have more to announce later this summer.

This system sounds a lot like Fortnite‘s Battle Pass where players have two separate tracks of rewards to work on depending on if they buy a pass. Fortnite allows players to buy the premium pass by spending their in-game currency but it’s unclear if Psyonix will ape this feature when the Rocket Pass rolls out.

The Rocket Pass matches nicely with the new progression system. Psyonix is removing the level cap and adding a fixed amount of XP necessary to level up; a stark contrast to the slow, exponential leveling system currently in the game. Players will retroactively level up appropriately if they’ve blown past the current level cap of 75 and those over level 100 will be granted new titles and banners. Everyone, however, will be getting new items when they level up instead of at random intervals.

Experience will now only be earned during online matches and will be doled out based on your score and time played. Partying with friends, playing consecutive matches, and completing games will grant you extra experience too. Quitters will be appropriately punished and see their XP negatively impacted though its currently unclear exactly how they’ll be effected. The Rocket Pass, XP overhaul, and Switch cross-play will be part of the game’s summer update coming sometime in July or August.

Rocket League‘s other updates are smaller, but are still full of welcome changes and additions. A new arena and more music are coming later this month, some new premium DLC and a summer event will come in June, and the game will kick off an anniversary event in July.