Japanese-based SuperHot JP Has Been Announced

SuperHot, the first-person shooter where time moves only when you move, is getting a Japanese-based game set in its universe. The tentatively named SuperHot JP will take place in Japanese-inspired environments and feature new weapons and and some “cool new gameplay.” Developer GameToro is aiming for at least a PC and PS4 release for a “reasonable price,” but nothing has been confirmed.

SuperHot JP is not DLC but a standalone title. However, it’s not quite a sequel either since it’ll feature many of the same gameplay mechanics and overall aesthetic. It will have about 15 to 18 regular levels and 3 to 4 endless levels, some new weapons, and the same game modes as SuperHot. It’s also not available in VR “for now,” but that could change given how early this announcement is and the critical success of SuperHot VR.

GameToro, who is based in Japanese, promises to bring a “distinct Japanese flavor,” which makes sense given the game’s environments. It will feature Japanese-centric areas like hot springs, samurai castles, Tokyo alleyways, karaoke bars, and bullet trains. Hopefully, GameToro’s Japanese roots will give the area some authenticity that developers from other countries could not bring.

The game’s website promises a new UI, menus, and storyline along with some familiar yet slightly updated gameplay mechanics. GameToro states that the “game is close to the original” but with “see through shoji screens, and some other surprises.” The small collection of screen shots from their blog do look remarkably similar to the main game, but don’t get to show much of the game’s new features.

SuperHot Team is helping to guide SuperHot JP‘s development so it’s hard to imagine it’ll stray too far from the original’s path. While the game currently has no projected release date, it will come out first in Japan then “possibly other countries worldwide” at a later date.