Twitch Lets You Filter PUBG Streams by How Many Players Left Alive

There’s nothing worse than settling down, getting all comfy to watch favorite PUBG streams on Twitch only to find out their dead, the chicken dinner is cold and now you have ten excruciatingly boring minutes to sit through for the next game to start. We relate, we truly do and as it happens, so does Twitch.

Twitch has your back in ensuring that chicken dinner no longer goes cold. They’ve introduced a new set of Twitch filters that lets you control what sort of gameplay you want to see, allowing you to have more control in what sort of game you’re watching. Check out their tweet below for a more detailed explanation.

That’s right, Twitch will now let you search for gameplay streams of PUBG based on the number of players that are left alive in the match. This could mean 50+, 25+ and even lower if you so choose. There will also be filters available to select if you watch a solo, duo, or team game.

While it isn’t a huge change in the way Twitch handles PUBG streams, it’s a fantastic touch that has the potential to help other streamers, such as smaller streamers who play well and yet don’t have the backing like Ninja, to be seen. More importantly, it’s a very helpful way to give you, the viewer, more choice in what you want to watch so you don’t end up watching a game just as its finishing.

What do you think about these new changes that Twitch have implemented? Do you think they are useful, or more of a hindrance? Let us know in the comments below.