Kingdom Hearts 3 Press ‘First Impressions’ Revealed This Week

The last we heard from Kingdom Hearts 3 was assurance that the game would be releasing in 2018. Though since then it has been pretty quiet on Square Enix’s end, leading to more than a few fans of the franchise to feel more than a little nervous. But there’s no need to fret, as it has now been confirmed that the game is ‘on track’ for the 2018 release, that means press will finally be able to play it.

Press being able to play the game is a pretty big deal. First impressions are, after all, everything, so we’re excited to hear more about what everyone thought of the game. The “press only” event this week is called the Kingdom Hearts III Invitational Premiere Event and the embargo for that fantastic hands-on time will be lifted on May 18th at 6 AM PT.

When that embargo lifts, expect to be provided with bucketfuls of information not just about the main story, but the characters you’ll meet again or for the first time, the worlds you’ll be able to explore as well as other unique features. Personally, we hope to see Drake Bell there as well, because if you didn’t know Drake Bell was going to be in Kingdom Hearts 3, well, now you do.

Square Enix has confirmed that the game is on track, and with E3 around the corner, we would be surprised not to see a release date revealed during the event. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen, but it would make a lot of fans concerns seem valid that the game is actually falling behind schedule.

What we’ll see at E3 from Square Enix remains to be seen. Until then we’ll just have to sit and wait and hope Square Enix isn’t pulling our legs with the release date.