Valve is Hiring Devs for “Top Secret” New Games

Valve has debuted a brand new website, with it containing a bunch of new job listings that point towards the studio working on more game projects. With the company having mostly stayed away from developing new games in order to focus on Steam, the site states that Valve is developing “top secret” new projects.

Although followers of Valve have become a little disillusioned over the years as a result of the studio rarely releasing new games, the tagline for the site reads: “We make games, Steam, and hardware. Join us.” While specifics regarding these games aren’t divulged on the site, it does contain a few nods to what the company could be working on behind closed doors.

In one job listing, the company requests applicants to help it develop “3D worlds.” With the CCG Artifact being the only Valve game on the horizon, it seems that these 3D worlds would be created for another unannounced title.

“We have some new games in the works,” the site reads. “A couple have been announced, while others remain top secret.” Valve also lists In The Valley of the Gods as one of its two upcoming releases, which is being developed by Campo Santo, a studio purchased by Valve in April.

Whereas game developers often publish job listings that drop more than a few hints in regards to what they’re working on, the notoriously secretive Valve hasn’t really let its guard down with this new website. Fans of series such as Left 4 DeadPortal, and Half-Life will be pleased to hear that its talented developers are working on brand new projects, though there isn’t much to go on from this particular batch of job listings.