Vampyr’s One Save Slot Will Grant Players Impactful Choices and Prevent Save Scumming

Vampyr is Dontnod Entertainment’s next major release after 2015’s Life Is Strange. It’s a pretty huge departure going from an episodic narrative game to a full-blown action RPG game similar in style to The Witcher 3. That’s not stopping the game developer from revealing more information about the game as its release date gets closer than ever.

Dontnod Entertainment shocked gamers when it revealed last week that Vampyr will feature a one save system. That means players will only have access to one save slot per playthrough. That’s going to be quite alienating for casual players. In comparison, even notoriously difficult games like XCOM 2 only applies the one save system when playing in its Ironman mode, which is reserved for the very best players.

Vampyr One Save Slot: The Reason

CogConnected recently reached out to Dontnod Entertainment for an explanation regarding this controversial feature. A spokesperson from the game developer replied that the one save system was essential in order to give players choices with “real, meaningful impact.” He said: “Players do not manually control saves, beyond having three slots for three separate campaigns. This means that all decisions are permanent – players will need to think through their options carefully with no ‘safety net’ to fall back on!”

Vampyr One Save Slot: Preventing Save Scumming

The biggest implication of the one save system will be that players will no longer be able to “save scum.” Save scumming is the act of manually saving a game repeatedly before important moments or hard boss battles. This is to ensure that players can return to a previous save if they made a mistake or wrong decision. Turn-based games and decision-heavy RPGs are usually the victims of save scumming.

Vampyr One Save Slot: What If Saves Become Corrupted Or Lost?

Regarding the issue of potentially corrupted or lost saves, the Dontnod Entertainment spokesperson said: “On a technical level, we have backup systems in place to avoid the issue of corrupted saves.” That’s good news for players who worry about their precious saves. Still, it’s a risky move for the developer to make, since Kingdom Come Deliverance made saving the game a hassle and scaring interested gamers away in the process.

In other related news, Dontnod Entertainment recently released a new gameplay trailer for Vampyr. It showcased the bloody combat featured in the upcoming game. Vampyr is set to be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 5th, 2018.